Sim Taxi

Sim Taxi is a taxi simulation game, where you drive around the city streets looking for passengers to safely drive them to their destinations in the shortest routes possible and in the quickest time possible. Also, you don’t need to worry about locating customers, as you have the assistance of a phone operator, who will contact you through a radio and also a map on the top left of your screen also shows the direction and the destination of your customers. The sooner you deliver the passenger, will you get more money from the passengers, and money will be deducted if you delay in dropping the passengers at the right time or if you damage your car by colliding with other vehicles.

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All about Sim Taxi

You start the game from the garage, and the radio operator informs you about the customers. A customer in need of a taxi is shown by a blinking green circle around them. You need to go near them, so they can board the taxi. Once they’ve boarded in, they’ll inform the destination, and the map on the top left will show you the directions for the destinations as you drive along. Also the taxi fare will be shown above, and if you take them at the right time, no money will be deducted. But if you delay things, then money will get deducted for every minute or so. Also a fuel indicator and a damage level indicator also are present in the bottom of the screen. Once you see that the fuel level is low, you need to go to the petrol station to refill petrol in your car. And in case you’ve damaged your car, you can always visit the garage to repair the damages. But nothing is free out there, and everything costs money from fuel to damage repairs.

You can also go to the practise mode and practice driving around and also to get to know about the city streets. There are 3 practice modes of 5, 10 and 15 min practice sessions available. One can also try the Time Attack mode, where you need to race against time to deliver passengers. Also, you can see the Best Drivers in the city including All Time greats and Today’s Best Driver so far.

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Sim Taxi 2

Sim Taxi 2 is an advanced version of the Sim Taxi series with advanced and cool graphics with a beautiful yellow car. The City streets and buildings look great in this version. The gameplay is same as that of the previous version, but there’s a new campaign mode included, where there is a goal set, where you need to make a specific amount of money for a day by dropping passengers at the right destinations and earning money from that.

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Sim Taxi 3

Sim Taxi 3 is the latest entrants in the taxi game simulation series. With newer version comes new graphics, upgraded and a cool taxi to drive along with beautiful surroundings. The graphics are more real now with the taxi resembling an original NY taxi along with realistic streets and passengers. The Taxi series also has come with other game variations like London, New York and Amsterdam.


The gameplay is pretty much easy and can be played using the following keys:

  • Up Arrow – Accelerate
  • Down Arrow – Brake
  • Left Arrow – Turn Left
  • Right Arrow – Turn Right
  • R – Turn Radio On / Off
  • M, N – Turn Music On / Off
  • 1, 2, 3 – Switch Radio Stations
  • Highlights:

    Some of the highlights of series are:

  • Beautiful Simulation based game
  • Enhanced Graphics with cool gameplay

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